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Case Studies –In-House Debt Collections, TM Building

  • Case Study

With billions and billions of dollars in debt worldwide, both creditors and collection agencies are feeling the pressure. Debt collectors looking to recover outstanding receivables must employ techniques that will encourage debtors to pay.


  • Case Study

he Stevens-Lloyd Group was retained by GM Air, a commercial aviation company which specializes in supplying the military, located in Miami, Florida. They were owed $146,588.32 from Air Philippines, located in Manilla. GM Air provided aviation parts for this company however they were not paid for their product.


  • Case Study

The Stevens-Lloyd Group was retained by BANOMOBIL SA DE CV, a highly successful company of more than 40 years in the field of plastic reinforced with fiber, located in Mexico City. They were owed $550,000.00 from a company by the name of INVERSIONES ZAHENA SA/Moon Palace, located in the Dominican Republic. Bañomobil designed and manufactured a line of portable toilets for INVERSIONES ZAHENA SA however they were not paid for their product.

Credit Management Services: 5 Additional Tips for Guaranteeing Recovery of Your Accounts Receivables

  • Commercial Debt Collection

In our first installment of our Credit Management Services series, we discussed the importance of deploying successful debt collection techniques in order to help the creditor immediately settle their outstanding accounts receivables. In that article, we introduced you to Joy Paul, an in-house Collection Manger for TM Building Damage Restoration, the issues...

Aerospace Industry Debt Collection Laws

  • Aviation and Aerospace

With the expected growth in the Aviation and Aerospace industry due to increased defense spending comes with it more bad debt issues. With millions of Americans in debt, debt collection has become a booming industry. In 2004 alone, the debt collection industry made over $16.5 billion in profit. With so much money on the line, debt collection agencies...