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Collecting Past Due Aerospace Industry Accounts: When To Quit

  • Aviation and Aerospace

A question often arises in our offices from our aviation and aerospace industry accounts, "When should I stop my efforts collecting past due accounts?"
Aerospace Industry AccountsUnlike fine wines or select cheeses, past due accounts do not get better with age. Most Aerospace Industry Accounts make the mistake of waiting twice as long as they should before handing over their accounts...

International Collection Attorneys

  • International Collection Attorneys

As we covered in our last post on international debt recovery, we discussed a few of the obstacles you will encounter when attempting to recover a debt internationally, including understanding the laws and regulations of the many different countries and finding legal counsel within the jurisdiction of your debtor; both of which can be overcome by using an international collection attorney...

International Debt Recovery – An Essential Skill

  • Debt Recovery

International debt recovery is the process of collecting delinquent or outstanding accounts in countries that are outside the creditor's country of operations.
In order for businesses to be able to conduct operations and compete in today͛s international market and still make a profit, international debt recovery is an essential skill for multi-national businesses...

Writing Your Final Demand Letter

  • Debt Recovery Tips

What do you do when all other debt collection attempts fail? You have a choice: either let it and your money go or take the matter to the courts. In the case of the latter, in order to file your suit, a written final demand letter is highly recommended by most small claims courts and is in fact required by some...

The Collection Professional: Your Debt Collection Teammate

  • Collection Professional

Quick turnover of delinquent accounts is essential to you as a business owner. When working with a commercial collections agency, viewing your collection professional as a member of your "debt collection team" will prove to be an integral part in accomplishing this goal...