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Commercial Collection Agencies and Skip Tracing Services

  • Commercial Collection Agency

One of the biggest problems that debt collectors often face is locating debtors. When a debtor moves to another house, city, state, or country, the collection agency often has no clue how to locate him. So, how does a commercial collection agency track runaway debtors? The solution is easy: skip tracing services. What is Skip tracing? Skip tracing is the process...

Debt Collection Strategies – Invoice Finance Charges

  • Debt Collection Strategies

Are your debt collection strategies like most business owners or are you cashing in on slow paying customers by implementing Invoice finance charges and interest? Debt Collection Strategies: Interest & Finance Charges...

Debt Collection Software VS. Hiring a Collection Agency

  • Debt Recovery

Debt collection software are programs designed to help companies track debts. These software programs are designed to keep track of your outstanding receivables, payments owed, fines, penalties and other matters concerning the accounts of debtors. But is it beneficial for a company to buy and use one of these software tools or is hiring...

Collecting Past Due Accounts: When To Quit

  • Commercial Collection Agency

A question often arises in our offices, "When should I stop my efforts collecting past due accounts?"
Unlike fine wines or select cheeses, past due accounts do not get better with age. Most businesses make the mistake of waiting twice as long as they should before handing over their accounts receivables to a commercial collections agency...

Debt Collection Laws – What You Should Know

  • Commercial Debt Collection

With millions of Americans in debt, debt collection has become a booming industry. In 2004 alone, the debt collection industry made over $16.5 billion in profit. With so much money on the line, debt collection agencies are under a lot of pressure...