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The Stevens-Lloyds Group, Inc. Services

Our mission is to put more money back in your pocket where it belongs!

  • Commercial Debt Collection: As a commercial debt collection agency, we understand the urgency of outstanding accounts receivable. The commercial debt collection process is arduous yet critical to the overall success of your business. B2B corporate debt collection is often most successful when a professional collection agency is involved.
  • International Debt Collection: There are very few international collection agencies available to handle foreign debtors. Fortunately, The Stevens-Lloyd Group, Inc. is one of those agencies. We maintain ties with major foreign embassies and consulates which greatly enhances our ability to recover overseas debt.

Benefits of Contracting with Stevens-Lloyds Group, Inc.

  • Top Worldwide Legal Network: We utilize only the best of the best resources and associates in all of the countries that we service. We specialize in being your one-stop resource for international collections by dealing directly with major law firms proficient in corporate, contract and technical expertise in your industry. These highly rated law firms can handle multi-million dollar claims and are experts in international law and procedures.
  • Flat Fees: We take a sensible and honest approach to business and billing. Regardless of an account’s age or size, we will never surprise you with sudden new charges, variable rates, or hidden fees.
  • Higher Recovery Percentages: We focus on quality not quantity.
  • Account Status: Reports forwarded directly to you on a routine basis.
  • Rapid Collection Cycles: Maximum 4-6 weeks domestic and 6-8 weeks international. Maximum of 30 days for research before starting swift legal action.
  • No Cost or Obligation: If we don’t collect, you don’t pay!