Working With A Commercial Collections Agency

So you’ve done your due diligence* and selected the right commercial collection agency for your business͛ needs, what now? Although you may feel that your work is done having handed your debt collection efforts off to the professionals, it is still important for you to take an active role in the relationship you have when working with a Commercial Collections Agency. Although you hired the agency for their …

So you’ve done your due diligence and selected the right commercial collection agency for your business’ needs, what now? Although you may feel that your work is done having handed your debt collection efforts off to the professionals, it is still important for you to take an active role in the relationship you have when working with a Commercial Collections Agency. Although you hired the agency for their expertise, experience, and sound judgment, the agency can better do its job with you taking an active role in your working relationship.

*Be sure to read our article on 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Business Collection Agency

Think of your agency as a partner, somebody to work with and not just an outsourced contractor. If possible, meet with your agency’s representative periodically to review the status of your accounts. If this option is unavailable due to logistics, have regular communication with them via the phone or email. Be sure to insist on prompt responses to your calls or emails, it’s not too much for you to ask for phone calls and/or emails should be responded to within one business day. However, in doing so, make sure you reciprocate. Respect goes both ways.

Working with a Commercial Collections Agency

In order to ensure the highest possible rate of returns on your outstanding receivables, when working with a commercial collections agency, be sure to provide them with as much information about the debt and debtor as possible. The more information the commercial collections agency has the more potential money you will be able to collect. That information should include the following:

  • Any names associated with the debtor: Debtor’s name, spouse, friends, relatives and/or neighbors, including any nicknames, maiden names, aliases, etc.
  • Addresses: business and personal.
  • Contact information: telephone numbers, business and personal, including cell phone numbers, and any and all email addresses associated with the account.
  • Purchase and/or transaction details, including dates, amounts, type of, etc.
  • Any paperwork related to the transaction, including contracts and credit applications.
  • Any and all correspondence you have had with the debtor, including any feedback or acknowledgments to your debt collection efforts you have received.

By providing the above information and maintaining communication when working with a commercial collections agency you can help reduce frustrations and could very well speed up the commercial collections process.

If you are a business owner trying to collect on past-due accounts, a reputable Commercial Debt Collection Firm can often help.

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Commercial Collection Agencies and Skip Tracing Services

One of the biggest problems that debt collectors often face is locating debtors. When a debtor moves to another house, city, state, or country, the collection agency often has no clue how to locate him. So, how does a commercial collection agency track runaway debtors? The solution is easy: skip tracing services. What is Skip tracing? Skip tracing is the process…

One of the biggest problems that debt collectors often face is locating debtors. When a debtor moves to another house, city, state, or country, the collection agency often has no clue how to locate him. So, how does a commercial collection agency track runaway debtors? The solution is easy: skip tracing services. What is Skip tracing? Skip tracing is the process of locating the whereabouts of a person for any number of reasons. In this case, outstanding debts.

Skip tracing services (Skip tracers) are companies whose sole mission is to locate individuals – in this case, debtors – who have relocated without giving their new contact details to the collection agencies. Skip tracers are employed to help commercial collection agencies find the addresses and contact information for debt collection purposes.

You may wonder how skip tracing services locate people; the process is actually rather straightforward. The easiest way is to use the debtor͛s social security number. Social security numbers are run through various credit bureaus allowing them access to ͞header͟ files from the debtor͛s credit files and/or credit reports. A header file contains just the basic information needed to locate the debtor such as name,address and in some cases, place of employment. Though this information may not seem like much, it is often times all the skip tracers need to help debt collectors find their debtors.

If the skip tracing services are unable to locate the debtor through their social security number, they can perform a national identifier search. Simply put, this is an “old school” system that uses the debtor͛s last known residence as well as his/her name to find their new location.

Skip Tracing Services may use the following resources:

  • Online directories, Phone books, Social Sites and search engines – Debtors may have accounts and profiles across various directory websites and Social Media sites like Facebook, Livejournal, Twitter, Instagram, and others. If not, skip tracing services can use search engines to search for news articles and posts that people on the internet who may have written entries about them or even posted pictures.
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) – If the debtor drives a vehicle or has a license registered, it is likely that the DMV will have recent information about the debtor’s whereabouts.
  • Employers – If you know the debtor͛s last place of employment, skip tracing services can approach their boss and inquire about their current employment status. Even if the debtor has moved on to a different job, the employer may still have information that can help the skip tracer locate him
  • Associations, Affiliations, Organizations, and Groups – If the debtor has a specialized occupation, like Engineering or Medicine, they must have membership in certain organizations. Skip tracing services will try to search these various groups to find the runaway debtor.
  • Former contacts – Skip tracing services may visit old neighbors, friends and relatives to obtain information about the debtor͛s current location.

Note: when trying to obtain information about a certain debtor, skip tracing services should never falsely represent themselves as a member of law enforcement or a detective. It is in your best interest to ensure the commercial collections agency you use for your debt recovery steers clear of any and all misrepresentation.

Collecting Past Due Accounts: When To Quit

A question often arises in our offices, “When should I stop my efforts collecting past due accounts?”
Unlike fine wines or select cheeses, past due accounts do not get better with age. Most businesses make the mistake of waiting twice as long as they should before handing over their accounts receivables to a commercial collections agency…

A question often arises in our offices,”When should I stop my efforts collecting past due accounts?”

Unlike fine wines or select cheeses, past due accounts do not get better with age. Most businesses make the mistake of waiting twice as long as they should before handing over their accounts receivables to a commercial collections agency. For instance, did you know your chances of collecting past due accounts in-house drop 12% every 30 days

When it comes to collecting past due accounts, it͛s important for business owners to remember, collecting on outstanding receivables is a financial process. Because we have an invested interest in our companies, we tend to treat collection as an ͞emotional͟ process instead of a financial one. Whether or not we make or lose money needs to be the determining factor when pursuing collecting past due accounts.

For example, Collecting on an invoice that is less than 120 days old holds an 80% success rate while dropping to 40% collectible after that time frame. Because we still see the debt as outstanding, we mistakingly apply the same amount of time and effort trying to collect those older accounts as we do the new ones. Our motto: Don͛t spend a dollar chasing after a dime.

Early warning signs it may be time to stop your collecting past due accounts efforts
Customer avoids contact attempts
Refuses to sign personal guarantee
Customer breaks terms of original agreement
Customer breaks their first promise
Customer only makes partial payments to buy more time.
Customer ignores demand letters

You have business to run. You have better things to do than spending your valuable time Collecting past due accounts. Handing your outstanding debts and accounts receivables over to a commercial collection agency is often your best course of action.

Top Rated Collection Attorneys In The US

Top Rated Collection Attorneys
Collection AttorneysDebts are not like fine wine, they do not become better with age! Businesses tend to hold on to their delinquent accounts far too long. In some situations, especially if the amount owed is substantial, utilizing the services of an expert collection attorney is the best course of action.

Top Rated Collection Attorneys

Collection AttorneysDebts are not like fine wine, they do not become better with age! Businesses tend to hold on to their delinquent accounts far too long. In some situations, especially if the amount owed is substantial, utilizing the services of an expert collection attorney is the best course of action.

The chief advantage of turning over an account to collection attorneys is an increased likelihood of a successful outcome. The old expression, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, rings true. Once the debtor company is served with a summons and complaint, you will have gotten their full attention. And, because nine out of ten cases do not wind up in court, the chances of recovery are greatly increased. And if a judgment is rendered against the debtor company, the attorney firm will conduct a comprehensive asset and liability investigation on your behalf, as well as extensive skip tracing.

These are our award winning, highly rated law firms, the top rated collection attorneys in the U.S. They can handle claims ranging from several thousand to multi-million dollars and are experts in collection law and procedures. The aggressiveness of a top-flight attorney firm can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to recovering debt! How do we know these attorney firms are top flight? Because The Stevens-Lloyd Group has been working with them for many years and we can testify that each one of the firms is a battle tested and will recover your money.

Top Rated Collection Attorneys in The U.S.


  • Law Offices of Michael Weisberg
  • P.O. Box 665
  • San Andreas, CA 95249
  • Phone: (209) 532-1122
  • Click Here for more info
  • In addition to commercial debt recovery, Mr. Weisberg specializes in collections for rental tool and equipment companies such as United Rentals and Volvo Rents. Nonpaying contractors are the debtors. He also works on accounts regarding motels which sign up with franchisors such as Best Western and Best Value America.

The Hettena Law Firm

  • Alex Hettena, Esq.
  • 31348 Via Colinas #106 Westlake Village, CA  91362 Tel:  (818) 735-9570 | Fax:  (818) 322-4709
  • Alex Hettena has many years of experience handling debt collection cases and is a member of the Commercial Law League. He comes from a collection agency background which adds to his skills at dealing and negotiating with debtor companies, rendering him a highly effective debt collection attorney. The Hettena Law Firm is one of the top rated collection attorneys in the U.S.

New York

  • Levy Davis & Maher LLP
  • 39 Broadway Ste. 1620
  • New York, NY 10006
  • Phone: (212) 371-0033
  • Click Here for more info
  • The three attorneys of Levy Davis & Maher, LLP are all highly experienced and belong to a range of organizations relating to commercial law, employment law and trial practice. In addition, Jonathan A. Bernstein is on the executive board of the National Employment Lawyers Association/NY.
  • Damon Maher is one of the top rated debt recovery attorneys in the country. He specializes in commercial collections, contract law and litigation. He is an expert in recovering unpaid business debt throughout the state of New York and represents professionals ranging from accountants, construction companies, plumbers and attorneys.

Blake Morris

  • 1214 Cortelyou Rd
  • Brooklyn, NY 1008
  • Phone: (718) 826-8401
  • Click Here for more info
  • Mr. Blake Morris, who has represented creditors and collection agencies professionally and efficiently, specializes in accounts receivable claims, commercial creditor’s rights matters, judgment and judgment enforcement as well as medical and healthcare insurance claims. Other industries he handles are transportation, insurance premium claims, and insurance subrogation claims.
  • His law firm provides top quality debt recovery litigation services utilizing an experienced staff. Mr. Morris believes that every client deserves the same high level of service and commitment.


  • Rosenfeld, Stein & Batta
  • 21490 W. Dixie Highway
  • Aventura, FL 33180
  • Phone: (305) 895-6680
  • Click Here for more info
  • Ravi Batta – Mr. Batta is an expert corporate collection attorney, one of the best in the country. Besides general debt recovery, he specializes in pharmaceutical claims, specifically wholesalers and suppliers such as Baxter and Merke. Moreover, Ravi handles collection of licensing issues with pharmaceutical companies.


  • Abrams & Abrams, PC
  • 180 W Washington Street, #910
  • Chicago, IL 60602
  • Phone: (312) 641-6111
  • Click Here for more info
  • Abrams & Abrams is a trusted collection law firm that has over 100 years’ experience. All the work sent there is performed by attorneys. They have been using tough, thoughtful, thorough and tested techniques to assist their clients in collecting their unpaid receivables for nearly thirty years.
  • Leonard Abrams and his son Mark Abrams are certified specialists from the American Board of Certification and AV rated from Martindale Hubbell. You will not find any better, smarter, or more well-respected attorneys in this field of law providing quality debt collection. Some of their specialties include representation of landlords and companies who extend credit without a contract.
  • Leonard Abrams graduated from the University of Illinois in 1956, with a degree in economics and political science.  He graduated from DePaul University College of Law in 1959.  He has been admitted to practice law in the State of Illinois since 1960, and is licensed in the Federal District court and the United States Supreme Court.
  • Mark Abrams was the first attorney in the State of Illinois to be certified by the American Board of Certification  as a Creditors Rights Specialist and served as the Chair of the Young Members Section of the Commercial Law League of America and the Chairman of the Midwest Region of the Commercial Law League of America.


  • Canavan Thomae Law PLLC
  • 6760 N. Oracle Road, Suite 130
  • Tucson, AZ 85704
  • Phone: (520) 468-2053
  • Click Here for more info
  • When someone owes you money it is important to be represented. Whether in settlement negotiations or in court. Canavan Thomae Law has the experience, know-how and savvy needed to collect our outstanding debt.
  • Eric Thomae was admitted to practice in Arizona in 2006. He focuses primarily in the areas of Real Property Law, Landlord-Tenant and HOA Law, Creditor’s Rights and commercial debt recovery. Originally from Iowa, he has called southern Arizona home since 1996 and currently resides and practices in Oro Valley. He received an associate’s degree from Pima Community College, a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and juris doctor degree from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Mr. Thomae is one of the most effective debt recovery attorneys in the country.


  • Amato, Keating and Lessa
  • 4107 North Commerce Way, Suite 100
  • Bethlehem, PA 18017
  • Phone: (412) 856-8484
  • Click Here for more info

Commercial Law List Bonding

  • Member of the CLLA
  • Credit Union Claims Accepted
  • Electronic Claim Placement
  • Bulk Remitting to Clients
  • FDCPA Compliant
  • John Keating has over 24 years’ experience in debtor/creditor relations and is proficient in recovering money against all types of debtors. Amato, Keating and Lessa specializes exclusively on debt recovery and has been doing this for over 30 years. Their firm accepts cases on a statewide basis throughout Pennsylvania and are active members of the Commercial Law League of America.


  • Barnett & Garcia, PLLC
  • 3821 Juniper Trace Suite 108
  • Austin, TX 78738
  • Phone: (512) 266-8830
  • Click Here for more info
  • The attorneys of Barnett & Garcia are experienced in representing creditors, collection agencies, financial institutions and insurance carriers in alternative dispute forums and state, federal and appellate courts. With over fifty years of combined litigation experience, they have earned a reputation for professionalism and zealousness in the representation of their clients.
  • Don Barnett and Matt Garcia specialize in insurance claims and commercial general liability premiums owed by companies. Often times the insurance companies have audits which precipitate more premiums owed by these ocmpanies. He also handles worker’s comp cases and deductible types of insurance. Other areas of concentration include post judgement enforcement and collection, lien foreclosures, foreign judgement domestication and subrogation and insurance defense.


  • Michael J Kavanaugh Attorney at Law
  • 5530 SE Center St
  • Portland, OR 97206
  • Phone: (503) 788-3639
  • Fax: (503) 771-4202
  • Click Here for more info
  • Mr. Kavanaugh handles advertising, medical insurance, golf club memberships, oil and electrical companies, suppliers of goods and materials and old judgments.


  • Stephen A. Bernheim
  • 512 Bell St.
  • Edmonds, WA 98020
  • Phone: (425) 712-8318
  • Fax: (425) 712-8418
  • Click Here for more info
  • Stephen Bernheim, Attorney At Law, specializes in commercial and retail collection and litigation. His firm provides legal advice to creditors and collectors and to those seeking business and family immigration benefits.
  • Stephen is a member of ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.
  • Mr. Bernheim also handles recovery of attorney’s fees owed by businesses and individuals as well as student loans. Moreover, he works on debt recovery of construction and subcontractor claims. He assists creditors, collection agencies and debt buyers to defend, resolve and avoid claims for abusive collection processes.


  • Machol & Johannes
  • 700 17th St
  • Suite 200
  • Denver, Colorado 80202
  • Toll Free: (866) 729-3328
  • Click Here for more info
  • Machol & Johannes, LLC (and affiliates) is one of the premier collection law firms in Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, and Oklahoma. They offer representation in the fields of Collection, Bankruptcy, and Creditor Rights. Their specialties include:
  • Custom collection strategies for each client
    • Unlimited capacity for placement volume
    • Personal customer service representatives
    • Top-notch, independently reviewed security
    • State-of-the-art skip tracing practices
    • Extensively trained staff


  • Kenneth J. Brietbart & Associates
  • 10 N. Calvert St. Suite 100
  • Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Phone: (410) 539-4554
  • Click Here for more info
  • Mr. Breitbart specializes in retail, rental car companies (people have accidents) and credit card placements.
  • Moreover, he also handles high-end machinery such as wood cutting tools, construction worker’s comp insurance and “distressed situations.”

New Jersey

  • Snellings Law LLC
  • 2001 Route 46, Suite 206
  • Parsippany, NJ 07054
  • Phone: (973) 975-0041
  • Click Here for more info
  • Snellings Law LLC focuses on the areas of commercial debt collection litigation and the enforcement of creditors’ rights. They are aggressive, resourceful and persistent. Their debt collection clients are large and small companies, banks, finance companies and other lenders across the nation that seek to collect from parties in New Jersey. Their firm implements the latest technology and their years of experience saves their clients time and money in recovering what is rightfully owed to them.
  • Their legal team begins the collection process with demand letters, but unlike collection agencies, they don’t stop there. If they are not seeing results, a lawsuit will be filed to pursue their client’s rights in court. Once  a monetary judgment is awarded in their client’s favor, the firm takes aggressive enforcement actions. Their goal is to use every method available to achieve a favorable result . The Snellings Law Firm understands that the continued success of their customers depends on it.


  • Lori J. Frank PC
  • 16155 W 12 Mile rd. Ste 6
  • Southfield, MI 48076
  • Toll Free: (877) 837-5685
  • Click Here for more info


  • The American economy depends upon credit, for consumer goods and services as well as for business ventures. In many ways, credit is a tool that makes business stronger and life more comfortable for all of us. Unfortunately, this system works only as long as debtors pay back what they have borrowed. When debtors won’t pay back the money they owe your company, you need the help of an experienced collections lawyer who knows the strategies that will work best in your circumstances.
  • You’ve sent invoices and hired a collection agency which sent letters and made calls but you still do not have your money. You need the power of the legal system on your side with the help of a collections lawyer who has the experience to get to the money faster and more efficiently.
  • Lori Frank has a record of success with a variety of issues in commercial debts and student debt. She works to resolve outstanding debt, whether by negotiation, mediation or litigation. Often, once a judgment is rendered, the real work begins to effect debt recovery. They issue wage, bank and Michigan income tax garnishments as well as using other post judgment remedies.


  • Erin Faye – Oakton Avenue Law
  • 200 Oakton Avenue
  • Pewaukee, WI 53072
  • Phone: (262) 691-2726
  • Click Here for more info
  • Attorney Erin Fay, has practiced law over a decade. She worked in big city firms, representing corporations and insurance companies in everything from personal injury and other torts, to intellectual property matters, to contract negotiations. After having satisfied her “big city” wanderlust, she joined Oakton Avenue Law. Here, she has made a difference in the community by advocating in juvenile matters, elder matters, probate, personal injury, and yes, intellectual property and contract negotiations. Her specialties include small business contracts, small town personal touch and standing up for the little guy.


  • Douglas L. Brooks PC
  • 4 Lenox Pointe NE #4
  • Atlanta, GA 30324
  • Phone: (404) 442-9101
  • Fax: (404) 442-9102
  • Click Here for more info

The firm of Douglas L. Brooks focuses on commercial litigation and business to business debt recovery. Their areas of expertise include the following:

  • Collections
    • Accounts Receivable, past due promissory notes, contracts, and other indebtedness
    • Real Property damage claims for utilities and creditors’ rights
    • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy
    • Foreclosures (real and personal property)
    • Eviction actions
    • Business litigation/business disputes
    • Alternative dispute resolution


  • Parnell & Crum
  • 641 S. Lawrence St
  • Montgomery, AL 36104
  • Phone: (334) 832-4200
  • Toll Free: (866) 629-0912
  • Click Here for more info
  • Parnell & Crum’s attorneys have a wealth of experience in collections, bankruptcy, commercial litigation, insurance subrogation, real estate, foreclosures, and landlord-tenant law in both Alabama and Mississippi. They have provided excellent results for their clients nationwide and are one of the top collection attorneys in the U.S.


  • Couch, Conville & Blitt, LLC
  • 1450 Poydras Street, Suite 2200
  • New Orleans, LA 70112
  • Phone: (866) 282-3853 or (504) 838-7747
  • Click Here for more info
  • Couch Conville & Blitt is a multi-state law firm, which focuses primarily upon a legal collection and creditors’ rights practice.  The firm also maintains a general business practice, including transactional and business litigation (prosecution and defense). CCB represents a variety of local, regional, and national businesses throughout the South, including several publicly traded entities and some of the nation’s largest lenders. They are one of the top debt recovery firms in the country.


  • Buffaloe & Associates PLC
  • 201 4th Avenue N, Ste. 1300
  • Nashville, TN 37219
  • Phone: (615) 256-2642
  • Toll Free: (877) 256-2642
  • Click Here for more info
  • Founded in 1974 by Attorney John E. Buffaloe, Jr., Buffaloe & Vallejo, PLC, is a minority-owned full-service collection law firm servicing local and national clients with legal matters in the State of Tennessee. The firm’s attorneys have over 115 years of combined experience in collection law. Buffaloe & Vallejo, PLC is located in Nashville, Tennessee, which is the state’s capital. Their attorneys regularly attend court and handle other legal proceedings in all 95 counties in the state.
  • The firm specializes in both commercial and retail claims from initial demand through suit, judgment, and the execution process. They have developed a process which utilizes state of the art technology and an experienced collection staff to optimize ethical and compliance-driven pre-suit and post-judgment collections.


  • McHughes Law Firm
  • Josh McHughes
  • P.O. Box 2180
  • Little Rock, AR 72203
  • Phone: (501) 376-9131
  • Click Here for more info
  • Every business operates under the agreement that it will be fairly compensated for services rendered or products provided. When that agreement is not upheld, there can be serious financial consequences.
  • The seasoned debt collection attorneys at The McHughes Law Firm, PLLC, in Little Rock are skilled in the art of collecting overdue payments from debtors. The firm represents businesses of all sizes throughout America in commercial and retail collections statewide, and protects creditors’ rights in bankruptcy cases. Known throughout Arkansas as a leader in debt collection, The McHughes Law Firm is prepared to perform skip traces and asset searches as part of their collection efforts.


  • Ballato Law Firm PC
  • Michael Ballato
  • 3721 Westerre Parkway, Suite A
Richmond, VA 23233
  • Phone: (
804) 433-1060
  • Click Here for more info
  • Ballato Law Firm provides expert commercial collections, serving banks, financing, insurance, leasing and other companies with uncollected commercial business. Effecting recovery of commercial business debt throughout Virginia, Ballato Law specializes in commercial property/real estate leases, equipment leases, heavy equipment, medical equipment, dental equipment, and vehicle leases.
  • Other areas of expertise include IT and computer technology equipment, business financing debt, insurance, subrogation, premium recovery and collection of fraudulent or erroneous payments. Moreover, they handle all types of commercial or business contract litigation, written contracts, verbal contracts, notes, leases, security agreements, open account balances and contractual or negligent property damage claims.

North Carolina

  • Rallings & Associates
  • James Fretwell
  • 3121 Springbank Ste C
  • Charlotte, NC 28226
  • Phone: (704) 376-6574
  • James Fretwell is one of the top expert commercial debt recovery firms in the nation. He collects debt against companies throughout North Carolina.

South Carolina

  • Stewart & Crouch Attorneys At Law
  • 11 Whitsett
  • Greenville, SC 29601
  • Phone: (864) 235-2019


  • Fowler, Bell LLC
  • John Hinkel
  • 300 West Vine Street Suite 600
  • Lexington, KY 40507-1751
  • Phone: (859) 252-6700
  • Fax: (859) 255-3735
  • Click Here for more info
  • Fowler Bell PLLC is Kentucky’s commercial, bankruptcy and litigation law firm known for finding practical solutions to complex matters. Based in Lexington, they serve business clients throughout Kentucky and the United States. They are sought out for their ability to handle complicated matters in an efficient, highly competent manner.
  • A respected leader in insurance defense and coverage for nearly a century, Fowler Bell has also evolved into a premier law firm in bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, civil litigation and defense, and commercial law. In recent years, they have assumed an active role in the emerging areas of alternative dispute resolution and electronic discovery.


  • John W. Anderson Jr., P.C.
  • 4444 E. 66th St., Ste. 102
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136-4205
  • Phone: (918) 747-0060
  • Fax: (918) 747-0066
  • Click Here for more info
  • Attorney John W. Anderson Jr. uses his vast experience and in-depth knowledge to provide his clients with exceptional legal service and aggressive representation in the following areas:
  • General and Commercial Litigation in Federal and State Courts
    • Judgment domestication and collection
    • Collections
    • General corporate work
    • Drafting, Litigation and Contract analysis
    • Appellate practice
    • Contingency business litigation
    • Dealer and distributor termination
    • Grand jury practice
    • Insurance coverage
    • Insurance defense
    • International contract and distribution agreements
    • Risk management and legal research and writing on a contract basis
    • White collar criminal law
  • Tulsa law firm with a reputation for effective and ethical representation
  • John W. Anderson Jr., P.C. has earned a BV® Distinguished Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, for professionalism and ethics. Recognized for their integrity and hard work, they are committed to providing you with the most efficient, cost-effective legal representation.


  • Jack H. Frisch & Associates
  • 9247 N, Meridian, Ste. 200
  • Indianapolis, IN 46260
  • Phone: (317) 819-0064


  • Law Office of Alvin I. Gilmore & Associates
  • Alvin Gilmore
  • 23300 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 203
  • Cleveland, OH 44122
  • Phone: (216) 285-1937
  • Click Here for more info
  • More than 35 years of experience is behind the representation provided to clients in this complex area of law.
  • Attorney Alvin Gilmore has proven effective in locating evasive debtors, uncovering hidden accounts and employing sophisticated judgment remedies such as garnishments and attachments to collect on business and consumer debts throughout Ohio. He is one of the top expert collection attorneys in America.


  • Wagner, Falconer, and Judd
  • Robert Judd
  • 1700 IDS Center,
  • Minneapolis, MN 55402-2113
  • Minneapolis, MN Phone: (612) 339-1421
  • Brookfield, WI Phone: (262) 792-1818
  • Click Here for more info
  • Robert Judd’s team of creditors’ rights attorneys help clients throughout the world collect commercial debt. They work collaboratively with their clients on the front end to put in place best business practices to prevent collection difficulties from arising and to minimize write-offs. They believe that education is the answer to maximizing recoveries and reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs).


  • Palmer Law Office, LLC
  • 103 West 26th Ave, Suite 210
  • North Kansas City, MO 64116
  • Phone: (651) 633-9367
  • Ralph Palmer is licensed to practice law in the State of Minnesota and Wisconsin, and is admitted to the Federal Bar for the District of Minnesota. He is a member of the Minnesota Association for Justice, the Minnesota State Bar Association, and the Wisconsin State Bar Association. He has been recognized as being a Super Lawyer from 2000 through the present time. Since 2006, Mr. Palmer was named as one of the top “40 Super Lawyers” in the State of Minnesota by Minneapolis Law & Politics magazine. Mr. Palmer also serves as an arbitrator for American Arbitration Association No-Fault Panel.
  • Eric Palmer was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. He received his B.A. degree in Economics from St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, in 2004, and his J.D. degree from University of St. Thomas School of Law, Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2007. Eric practices law primarily in the area of civil litigation. He handles a variety of civil claims, including auto-related No-Fault and liability claims, premises liability claims and dram shop liability claims.


  • Martin, Pringle, Oliver, Wallace
  • Rick Thompson
  • 100 North Broadway, Ste 500
  • Wichita, KS 67002
  • Phone: (316) 265-9311
  • Click Here for more info
  • The law firm of Martin Pringle practices in a number of different areas of law including commercial debt recovery. Attorney Rick Thompson of Martin Pringle is well versed in aviation and oil and gas as well as in other industries focusing on collection of outstanding debt. Mr. Thompson has a diverse legal practice that centers on assisting clients with complex regulatory matters and financial disputes.
  • Raised in Augusta, Kansas, Rick went to law school at the University of Minnesota, but returned to south-central Kansas to practice at Martin Pringle after graduating in 1991. His deep ties to the Wichita community give him a familiarity with its business environment and the legal needs of area business people. Rick has earned a reputation for effective advocacy and zealous service to his clients. An avid tennis player and sports enthusiast, Rick is involved in the community’s athletics programs, including serving as a board member of the Andover, Kansas YMCA and President of the the United States Tennis Association, Kansas District, Missouri Valley Section..

New Hampshire

  • Nierderman, Stanzel & Lindsey
  • Jay Nierderman Esq.
  • 55 West Webster St.
  • Manchester, NH 03104
  • Phone: (603) 668-5960
  • Click Here for more info
  • Nierderman, Stanzel & Lindsey specialize in collections, insurance subrogation claims & related matters. They have been in practice since 1977 and have handled over 200,000 collection claims. They are the only New Hampshire law firm with a member certified as a Creditors Rights Specialist by the American Board of Certification. The firm provides solid results for their clients and are one of the top expert collection attorneys in America.


  • Mayer & Mayer
  • Ilerdon S. Mayer
  • PO Box 59
  • South Royalton, VT 05068
  • Phone: (802) 763-7626


  • Daggett & Parker
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  • Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Stephen D. Bass and Associates has been representing clients in commercial law matters, primarily focusing on commercial collections law, since 1987. The firm also provides representation in business and real estate law. With over 30 years practicing law, Mr. Bass is highly experienced in debt collection, settlement negotiation, and litigation. Mr. Bass is an active member of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), and he is registered with the State of New Mexico Finance Department to serve as a local agency manager for out-of-state collection agencies.


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  • The Law Office of Stephen Elggren is a nationally recognized full-service debt collection law firm and one of the top expert collection attorneys in America.  Steve Elggren is active in several “collection” organizations including the Commercial Law League of America, National Association of Retail Debt Collection Attorneys, and the National Association of Subrogation Professionals.  He is Board certified in Creditor’s Rights Law with the American Board of Certification since the certification first became available. He is also a member of the Utah State Bar and Salt Lake County Bar.


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  • Julia Swingley will spare no effort in recovering money owed you by consumers residing within the State of Montana. She provides comprehensive debt collection services to a wide range of local and national business clients, including forwarding companies, lending institutions, medical practitioners, service businesses, credit card companies and transportation companies.
  • If the consumer is in Montana – and you are not – it is logistically difficult for you to file a case in Montana. Having a Montana-based commercial collections lawyer makes all the difference. With every case Julia Swingley takes, it is her goal to recover the debt owed to you in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Her firm handles the entire process from start to finish, fighting to protect your legal interests and get results.


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  • Simply put, Cameron Phillips PA solve problems. Their clients rely on them, and that’s why they send their friends and associates to them. If you have a legal problem that is within their practice areas, they have probably seen it before. Their firm is one of the top rated collection attorneys in America


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Commercial Collection Agency – 5 Things to Consider When Hiring One

While there definitely are ways to avoid using a commercial collection agency, sometimes you have no choice. Running your business is what you excel at, after all, and dealing with recovering outstanding debts and delinquent accounts can consume your patience, time and resources. Calling in the professionals…

While there definitely are ways to avoid using a commercial collection agency, sometimes you have no choice. Running your business is what you excel at, after all, and dealing with recovering outstanding debts and delinquent accounts can consume your patience, time and resources. Calling in the professionals is often the best choice.

When looking for a commercial collection agency, it͛s important to remember that not all agencies are created equal, nor are they the right choice for your particular business. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a commercial collection agency to partner with.

Commercial Collection Agency – 5 Things to Consider

Research. Commercial Collection Agencies will often specialize in particular fields. For example, one commercial collection agency might specialize in working with small and home-based businesses, while another made specialize in securing funds for large corporations. When possible, be sure to determine what size businesses the agency works with and what type of debtors they will go after

Insurance. No matter the level of research you do, you always run the risk of working with a commercial collections agency that uses ͞aggressive͟ debt collection tactics or leaves the debtor with the impressionthat the agency has acted in bad faith, leaving the debtor with the option to sue. No matter the outcome of the suit, whether you win or lose, you want to ensure that you will not be held liable for the actions of the agency. Always retain proof of insurance, otherwise know as ͞Error and Omission͟ ( or E and O͛s), from commercial collections agony you choose in the unlikely event both of you are taken to court by the debtor. Any good and reputable Commercial Collection Agency will be able to provide it for you.

Validity. Different rules apply for different commercial collection agencies in every state and locale. It is imperative that you verify that the agency you want to work with is licensed, bonded and adheres to the rules laid down in the Fair Debt Collections Act

Click Here to see our previous article entitled Understanding the Fair Debt Collections Act.

Debtor Recovery. Good commercial collections agencies will have at their disposal the ability to perform ͞Skip Tracing.͟ Otherwise known as debtor and fugitive recovery, Skip Tracing allows a commercialcollection agency to access several databases that provide them the ability to late a debtor who has ͞skipped town͟ and left no forwarding address; an important tactic to deploy should you find yourself unable to contact a debtor or have been repeatedly ignored.

Fees and Costs. Once you͛ve done your research and found a commercial collection agency that you would like to work with, you need to consider the costs associated with their services. Collection agencies can vary when it comes to charging for their services and it is important for you to choose the one that is right for you and your business. Two common payment structures are contingency and flat fee.

  • Contingency: This payment arrangement type os typically what you will find. Most commercial collection agencies use a no collection no fee model and charge anywhere from 25-45% of the total amount of the debt. This amount is usually determined by the age of the debt and the amount of attempted contacts with the debtor that have been made.
  • Flat Fee: A fairly small flat cost associated with a type of ͞Pre-collection͟ fees. This type of fee is usually offered early on in the debt collecting process.

It is important to keep in mind that once you hire a commercial collection agency, you won;t be receiving the full amount of the total outstanding debt. Consider exhausting all your options before hiring a debt collection agency.

Check out our previous article How to Avoid Using a Collection Agency for more information.

With that being said, as we mentioned at the start of this article, dealing with recovering outstanding debts and delinquent accounts can and will consume your patience, time and resources. Instead of allowing those accounts get away with not paying, calling in a professional commercial collection agency is often the best choice.

How to Avoid Using a Commercial Collection Agency

5 things that you can do to encourage customers to pay on time.
It doesn͛t matter what type of business you own, odds are you will one day face the problems associated with delinquent payers and debt collection. Sometimes it will be a case of oversight on the customer͛s part, other times it will…

5 things that you can do to encourage customers to pay on time

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, odds are you will one day face the problems associated with delinquent payers and debt collection. Sometimes it will be a case of oversight on the customer’s part, other times it will be due to willfully and actively avoiding their payment.

Although there are plenty of tips and strategies for proceeding with debt collection, below are five steps you can take to encourage your clients or customers to pay on time and avoid using a commercial Collection Agency

How to Avoid Using a Commercial Collection Agency

1. Credit Check – Although credit checks can be expensive and sometimes time-consuming, nothing could be more important when it comes to avoiding the hassle of a delinquent customer or client–especially in the case of a significant debt. Small transactions are rather pointless for you to run a credit check, they simply aren’t worth the expense or the time invested. However, if the agreement you are entering into is creating a long-term relationship and/or is a considerable amount of revenue that could impact your bottom line, run a credit check. Although not a guarantee of payment, running a credit check can help you avoid using a commercial collection agency to track down those problem clients and delinquent accounts in the future.

2. Checking References. Although readily asked for when applying for a job or renting an apartment, reference checks are often overlooked as a reliable means of determining the risk of a customer or client. Contact their past business partners/relationships to see whether or not their experiences with the risk were positive and whether or not they paid on time. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, invite them to do the same with you.

3. Put it in writing. Putting the terms of your payment arrangement in wiring, including due dates and the amounts owed, is a must. By clearly communicating your terms in writing and having your clients/customers agree to those terms, you ensure your risk against delinquent accounts and help avoid using a commercial collection agency.

4. Accept credit cards. Though not a perfect fit for every business type or transaction, they can be very helpful when a customer/client owes you a large sum of money. By accepting payment via credit card, you shift the burden of debt collection onto a third party, namely the credit card company. The small fee you will pay per transaction is a small price to pay compared to hiring an attorney or commercial collection agency. By accepting credit cards, you can focus on what you’re good at, running your business, and let MasterCard and Visa deal with the collections.

5. Make contact. One of the easiest ways to avoid using a commercial collection agency is to simply make polite and cordial contact with the debtor. It’s entirely possible the customer/client simply overlooked their payment. In this case, a friendly reminder phone call will often do the trick.

A simple phone call, email, or letter on your company’s letterhead notifying them of their late payment simply stating something along the lines of ͞Have you overlooked this?͟ is often times the very best way to begin the collection process.

The fact remains, no matter the steps you take, no matter how diligent you are or the care you take in assessing the risk, you will end up with a delinquent account. However, by following the items outlined above you can reduce your future problems dealing with debt collection and avoid using a commercial collection agency.

The above article contains general legal information and does not offer any legal advice. The law is complex, varies from state to state, and changes often. When it comes to legal advice always contact a licensed lawyer.