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Credit Management Services: 5 Additional Tips for Guaranteeing Recovery of Your Accounts Receivables

  • Commercial Debt Collection

In our first installment of our Credit Management Services series, we discussed the importance of deploying successful debt collection techniques in order to help the creditor immediately settle their outstanding accounts receivables. In that article, we introduced you to Joy Paul, an in-house Collection Manger for TM Building Damage Restoration, the issues...

Aerospace Industry Debt Collection Laws

  • Aviation and Aerospace

With the expected growth in the Aviation and Aerospace industry due to increased defense spending comes with it more bad debt issues. With millions of Americans in debt, debt collection has become a booming industry. In 2004 alone, the debt collection industry made over $16.5 billion in profit. With so much money on the line, debt collection agencies...

Working With A Commercial Collections Agency

  • Commercial Collection Agency

So you’ve done your due diligence* and selected the right commercial collection agency for your business͛ needs, what now? Although you may feel that your work is done having handed your debt collection efforts off to the professionals, it is still important for you to take an active role in the relationship you have when working with a Commercial Collections Agency. Although you hired the agency for their ...

When Debt Collectors Cross the Line: Illegal Collection Tactics

  • Debt Collection Laws

If you have ever been behind on your bills and been on the receiving end of collection phone calls, you have probably heard collection agents make some very threatening statements. While most debt collection professionals refrain from illegal collection tactics and stay within the boundaries defined by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), many others...

Getting the Best Service from Your Commercial Debt Collection Firm

  • Commercial Debt Collection

As you are no doubt are aware, there are many commercial debt collection firms available for you to choose from. While most of those companies are more than effective at recovering debt, it should be noted that each commercial debt collection firm usually focuses on a specific type of industry or size of the company...