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Debt Collection Blogs

Understanding Fair Debt Collection

  • Commercial Debt Collection

The words debt collection bring a lot of panic and anxiety to individuals who are in debt. It may be your student loans, your mortgage on your house or your car payments. No matter what the debt may be, debt collection is something...

The Importance of Understanding the Debt Collection Statute of Limitations

  • Commercial Debt Collection

Debt collection is covered by the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations refers to the law that sets a deadline for law suits. For every type of case, the law sets the timeframe in which debt collection agencies can legally attempt to collect...

Commercial Collection Agency – 5 Things to Consider When Hiring One

  • Commercial Collection Agency

While there definitely are ways to avoid using a commercial collection agency, sometimes you have no choice. Running your business is what you excel at, after all, and dealing with recovering outstanding debts and delinquent accounts can consume your patience, time and resources. Calling in the professionals...

How to Avoid Using a Commercial Collection Agency

  • Commercial Collection Agency

5 things that you can do to encourage customers to pay on time.
It doesn͛t matter what type of business you own, odds are you will one day face the problems associated with delinquent payers and debt collection. Sometimes it will be a case of oversight on the customer͛s part, other times it will...

Credit Management Services: 5 more Tips for Successful Receivables Recovery

  • Commercial Debt Collection

In out first installment of our Credit Management Services series and successful recovery of outstanding receivables, we covered tips from documenting everything to payment plans and finance charges. In our second article, we discussed the importance of making ...