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When it comes to collecting debt from Mexico, and using the services of an International Collection Agency like Stephens-Lloyd Group, LLC, questions often arise. From the type of debt we collect from Mexico and the processes we use, to length of time it takes to recover the outstanding debt and what we need from you to take the necessary steps, we͛ve received and answered them all.

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) our firm receives regarding collecting debt from Mexico.

Collecting Debt from Mexico FAQs

Why should I use a commercial collection agency like Stevns-Lloyd Group, LLC to collect my debt from Mexico?
Sadly, the increase of trade with Mexico since the 1990͛s has given rise to a culture of non-payment of contracts and debt creating more and more debt recovery cases from Mexico. Collecting debt from Mexico can be a complicated process. As with all international debt recovery efforts, it͛s important to understand the laws and procedures of Mexico when attempting to collect on a debt. Every country has their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to international debt collection making it difficult for someone outside of an International Collection Agency like Stevens-Lloyd Group to handle.

What type of debt from Mexico do you service?
When it comes to collecting debt from Mexico, we work with all kinds of, both commercial and personal that result from an act of trade between two individuals or companies including contracts, personal loans, bank loans, lines of credit, credit cards, invoices, and more.

What is the debt collection process when collecting debt from Mexico?
We begin by attempting to contact the debtor in his/her home or place of business, making all attempts to recover the debt through amicable methods. Should these efforts be exhausted, we will then proceed with legal actions employing the services of some of the top International Collection Attorneys.

How long does collecting debt from Mexico take?
When collecting debt from Mexico, if we are able to establish a payment arrangement with the debtor upon the first contact, times of recovery may be expedited quickly. However, should the debtor choose to ignore our first attempts at contact, prove difficult in locating, or oppose paying, negotiations can take several months if not longer. Which is why it is important to hand over your debt collection efforts to a commercial collection agency like Stevens Lloyd Group, LLC as soon as possible.

Do I need to provide Stevens Lloyd Group, LLC with Documents when attempting to collect a debt from Mexico?
Yes. In fact, it is essential. Without the proper documentation supporting the debt (Invoices, promissory notes, contracts, agreements, payment commitments, lines of communication, etc.) it will prove very difficult for us to act on your behalf when collecting debt from Mexico. Please take a moment to read through our post on collecting debt in Mexico: 5 things to consider, we cover this topic in more detail.

Are commercial collection agency fees legal for me to add to the balance of the debt?
Yes, if legal proceedings are necessary while collecting debt from Mexico and there is a ruling of payment where the judge orders the debtor to pay any and all ͞costs and expenses͟ incurred by the plaintiff.

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If you are a business owner struggling with collecting debt from Mexico, a reputable collection agency can often help. Turning accounts over to an agency for collection may seem like signaling defeat or throwing in the towel to some collectors. Rather than take the defeatist attitude of ͞I can͛t collect this on my own,͟ take the attitude that collection is a team effort with you and your outside agency working together.

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If you are a business owner trying to collect on past-due accounts, you may find the process quite frustruating. Turning accounts over to a collections agency may seem like a desperate step. But debt collection is a team effort, with you and the collection agency working together to accomplish the same goal: recovering your money. Contact The Stevens-Lloyd Group today so we can start working together right away.