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Commercial Collections – A Business’ Best Option

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Unlike consumer debts, commercial debt balances tend to be considerably higher, often times leaving businesses in a precarious position not having access to much-needed capital. When internal efforts to collect on a commercial debt prove unsuccessful, one of the most important steps a business owner can take is to contact a commercial collections agency.

Helping businesses recover past receivables that are long overdue is what a commercial collections agency excels at. Most businesses are unaware of what procedures to take when dealing with outstanding unpaid accounts. A commercial collections agency specializes in those procedures having policies, practices, and systems in place for commercial collections and large debt claims

Considerably more proficient in the debt collection process, a Commercial Agencies employ highly trained, adaptable, and skilled debt collectors to handle the commercial collections for their clients. Agencies are required to do due diligence before contacting the debtor including background checks, corporate structures, skip tracing through non-public database searches, payment histories, and other relevant information and inquiries.

All Local, State, and Federal Regulations must be followed by a Commercial Collections Agency. To do so, many agencies work with local attorneys to ensure their adherence to all regulations and requirements. Continual education is a must for a commercial collections agency to stay informed of any and all new laws and/or changes within the industry; yet another reason businesses should turn to commercial collections services for help in recovering outstanding receivables.

However, though it goes without saying, choosing a reputable and experienced commercial collections agency is key to the success of a business owner when it comes to recovering any unpaid accounts and outstanding debts.

3 Things to look for in a commercial collections agency:

  • Recovery proficiency
  • Professionalism and service
  • Confidence and Trust

Without using the above criteria when choosing a commercial collections agency to recover your outstanding receivables, business owners could find themselves no better off than before

If you are a business owner trying to collect on past-due accounts, you may find the process quite frustruating. Turning accounts over to a collections agency may seem like a desperate step. But debt collection is a team effort, with you and the collection agency working together to accomplish the same goal: recovering your money. Contact The Stevens-Lloyd Group today so we can start working together right away.